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Short story: today I was discussing with a coworker of mine about feminism. We ended arguing and obviously the topic was becoming heated until I asked him the ultimate question:

"What legal rights do men have over women in the Western? And with legal rights I mean special benefits that can help men by the law and in courts, not trivial issues like not being interrumpted at work or for not being agreed with someone who doesn't have the same opinion as you."

He was thinking for a moment, I waited for the answer, so he gives me this simple answer:

"I don't know. I just don't want trouble with these issues because it's a minefield where anything can be offensive."

No comments, but that's fine. If you don't want to get in the minefield for trouble, that's fine, I respect that. However, you won't be able to defend your argument effectively.

Anyway, I took that question from Dr Shaym's video "The challenge No feminist can answer" found here. Lasts 50 seconds but it's worth it.

Edit: This is what happens when I make a journal or deviation being angry, and I'm having regrets for making this post. And it's not the first time I'm doing shit like this and regretted. A few days passed until I understood why I had this behaviour when I made this journal.

1. One of my objectives was for calling for attention, being a attention-whore, call it whatever you want it.
2. I didn't have any reason to post this because I don't have anything to add to the video. I was just sharing a heated moment I had with a coworker, and shared the video, but nothing else. The only reason I'd post this journal is to post the video and/or adding more information that supports the idea of women having more rights in the western (when I'm more familiar with rights in Spain) that Dr Shaym didn't put in the video.
3. I don't defend my attitude when I was making this post (I'm still holding my thoughts that women have more legal rights than men in places like USA and Spain), but I managed to see why I was behaving like that, it's not my position to police people against the wall and I don't gain anything from it. I was becoming the typical dude who had a bad day and wrote anything he'd like on the Internet, and that didn't do anything to help me.

In a nutshell, that post didn't make me feel any better. At least I shared the link of the video, but nothing else (which was the thing I was supposed to do in the first place).

I'm not going to delete this post.

As I'm writing this, I'm drawing the panels for the next comic strip of my offensive comic A Yurist Closet. Since I was working with Metal Girls Galaxy, the AYC strips were being less and less updated. Given that AYC contains silly drawings, someone asked me by notes why I don't do these strips if these drawings are so simple and cheap.

The truth is... I have no excuses. And I appologize to everyone who is following my DeviantArt profile just for A Yurist Closet. I have a notepad to write down these crazy and stupid ideas for the comics for AYC, and I still have to put these ideas in my comic but that's not the point.

The point is that I'll try to keep you more updated with A Yurist Closet. If you have any questions feel free to comment or send me a note.

Take care!
Hey people, just a short notice.

Yesterday I was working with my Tumblr page (and learning how to use Tumblr) and I forgot to put it in my profile. Here you go:

I'll put it in my profile ID for the record.

Oh, it might better if I mentioned that I put only explicit content there. Only for adults.

Take care,
Short update, I'm having an exam in 3 days and it's important. After that I'll continue with drawing and stuff.

Small note, I'm considering using the status thing on DA in the future.

DeviantArt deleted the latest pic I made, it was a lewd pic of Mami Tomoe naked wearing only an apron. It was my best work at the moment because I didn't just worked hard in Mami's figure, but I worked in the furniture as well. I've put hours on this and I was happy to put it on Internet until DA took the pic away because:

A member of staff has reviewed a report concerning this deviation and has determined that the character(s) depicted in a nude, erotic or sexually compromising situation are established as being under the age of 18 in their original context.

Official policy does not allow such depictions, so this deviation has been removed and should not be resubmitted.

FAQ #248: Are there restrictions on art using children or teenagers (fictional or otherwise)?

They're right, in the anime of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, despite Mami Tomoe hit the puberty earlier, she was still 15. If I'm gonna be in DeviantArt I gotta play by their rules, though I'd like to do more of Madoka Magica's NSFW content in the future.

That's why I decided to give Tumblr a chance to create a NSFW only page. And I've yet to see a feminist with blue hair to tell me to check my white male privilege. :D

While I'm working in the next page of Metal Girls Galaxy, I'm planning future stuff for my DA page, like censoring certain pics with something for example.

My Tumblr for NSFW content is here:

I still need to work the page, but Metal Girls Galaxy is more important for me at the moment.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment or send me a note. Or a hug.

Edit: I deleted Sayaka and Kyouko's pic just in case. Don't worry. I'll upload it to the Tumblr page.
So, today I was drawing for a contest and decided to take a break for 10 minutes, I go to the famous Encyclopedia Dramatica and... Huh. It seems that Yandere Dev, the game dev who is working on the indie game Yandere Simulator, has an article in the Encyclopedia Dramatica. (you might wanna look for it, I'm not sure if DA allows links to that site)

Now, I heard some stories two or more months ago about Yandere Dev not being active in one of the journals that appear in :iconyandere-simulator: and I was following the development videos of the game for a year (when Undertale was trending, I think). Nowdays I'm very sceptical about the project that at this point I'm like "Meh, I don't care".

So, I go to the article, and read that he posted personal stuff in forums... I don't care about that, I'm not interested in others' private life. What gets my attention, however, is that Yandere Dev has a second account in Youtube "EvaXephon" (is that an Evangelion reference?) with short videos or even shitposts like this one:

Here is the archive link in case Yandere Dev deletes it:

For someone who is developing a game, constantly complains about not having enough time to dedicate it to his game, who is getting paid lots of dollars in Patreon... I don't think he has a right to complain. I mean, you can do whatever you want and your patrons can do whatever they want, it's your time and their money, but if you think that your project is worth it, make an effort to finish it, it's your goal, chase it; just don't go baaawww while you're shitposting in Youtube... or at least try to avoid getting caught.

If you have pressure, take a 10-minute break, 1 hour, maybe even 1 entire day. You were developing this game for 2 years, you have a right to relax, just take it easy, but avoid discrepancies, because that'll make your fans feel betrayed and eventually they'll stop following your project.

Unless you want to make your fans believe you're spending 8 hours a day in reading emails, you might wanna do better than that.
Quick update here! I've got a profile in the MINDS social network! :D You can visit it here:

What's Minds? Well, it's basically a social network based on open source, and its primary elements are transparency and privacy. It's like Twitter and Facebook, except there's no shit in it. If you have a Minds profile, feel free to send me a message to ask me questions or send me a fanart... Whatever! Anything is good! =)

Be safe!
A spanish online magazine about videogames, Meristation, uploaded a comic related to the incoming game Horizon Zero Dawn for the PlayStation 4. It was about the main character, who is a female warrior punching Mario. Made by Jaume Fong Rosselló:

The comic is here:

Female: "Damn misogynist! No, I need no man to save me from anything!"
Mario: "Have mercy... I just wanted to be kind."
Yoshi: "I'm getting tired of radical feminism that bitches about everything! If this strip was reversed, everyone loses their minds! And you know it!"

For some hours, the artist who made the strip received comments harrassing him and received death threats in Twitter. After that, Meristation got the strip out thanks to the demands. Then he made a post "I'll keep drawing, but I'll stay out of Twitter for some time." I really hope the artist is okay, you never know with SJWs and radical feminists.

This is freedom of speech nowdays. If you post something that doesn't appeal to people, be prepared to receive demands, insults, and death threats. I understand a sentence with respect or some kind of "For fuck sake, this is not good", which is understandable; but why calling someone "son of a bitch" or delivering death threats just because you don't like a comic strip or dislike someone's opinion, even if it was supposed to be a joke?

"Holy shit, have you seen the mess I made in Twitter?"
"Your fault, for having your own opinion and not theirs, which is the good one."
With all the shit that is happening in media in vidya games with their devs being called out for racism, sexism... I had a debate with my brother on the subject of this kind of issue. Given that I don't give many opinions (I rarely give them as journals in DA), I thought this would be the time to get my contraband off my pocket, that is an opinion (and it's known that you can't have opinions in the Internet). So here I go:

I do NOT believe that social issues like racism, homosexuality and sexism in videogames are considered important in order to enjoy playing them, and it shouldn't be a focus when it's given a score in a review.

Every Tumblr user who is jacking off their cock or/and pussy (in case someone indentifies themselves as hermaphrodite) is complaining that there are always white muscular dudes in games, while Joanna Dark was there in the year 2000 shooting around in Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64, Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, Jade from Beyond Good and Evil... I'm almost sure that there's a Wikipedia article listing games featuring women in them.

Oh wait. There is:… See? Wikipedia knows best when it comes to diversity!

And then we've got the ones who call the devs out because Resident Evil 5 you have to shoot black people to advance in the game. Yeah, that's very old news, but just because these black people were infected by a virus in Africa and you have to defend yourself from them doesn't make you racist. You are playing a game, and that game presents a story in a fictional world. There's no alternate version of a world, different from reality, that exists in an alternate universe. Fictional characters don't think and feel things.

Just because there is a fictional story in vidya doesn't mean that it's going to happen in real life. And unfortunately there are still people who think that way, I'm not going to give any names here, but let's just say they're very well-known in the Internet.

That's it. Rant ending. It's short, but I need to get some stuff done here, like comics and school stuff.

Feel free to comment and discuss.
A few days ago, someone asked me to do a comic and since the idea is interesting, and I can make use of that as a training for my drawing skills, I accepted.

So expect lower updates. I'm not 100% sure when I'll be able to finish, because I've got a few exams in school.

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First of all, I'm aware that there are more important issues to discuss, for example the BLMKidnapping that happened recently. However, there's so many things that have been said by more specialized people in Youtube (like Harmful Opinions or appabend). My speciality is about webcomics, and what I'm about to write here is more related to this.

In other words: if you're not interested in the subject of webcomics, you may want to close this window.

If the name Sarah Andersen doesn't ring you a bell, you at least probably saw comics about a girl with self-esteem problems in Facebook. It's a very good and popular comic; more than once I had a laugh with it, you can get more info here:…

On December 23rd, someone started to make edits in her comics so they seemed to have a very positive opinion on racism, hating jews and loving Hitler. The edits were posted on /pol/, in 4chan. For some reason, more people decided to make more edits of these comics following the same pattern, even there's an edit on her book showing "Holocaust is a Myth" instead of "Adulthood is a Myth".

Eventually, Sarah noticed these edits and twitted about them, asking people to report these edits.

Now, I don't think someone would like to see their work modified with evil texts. The real problem resides in that tweet. This is the Internet. Trolls are everywhere in different shapes. You are free to post your work however you want. But if you complain about getting trolled in the Internet, these trolls or even more will get you and will continue trolling you for fun. Sarah gave them attention, the trolls noticed it and want to have more fun.

What happened to Sarah was sad, but she could've avoid it by simply ignoring them and explain to her friends and family in private what was going on. Simple as that. She could have done that. But no, she asked publicly to people to "report these edits". Reporting shit doesn't do anything, because trolls will find different ways to make fun at people using social media.

Don't feed the trolls. I mean, jesus christ, haven't we learned anything?
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Hi people, there is a survival game called This War Of Mine, you control a group of friends and you have to survive together in the middle of a battlefield. It's an amazing game and you have the option of playing as any character from the Steam Workshop (for example, James Bond, Miku Hatsune, Big Boss...)

So I thought in doing the Madoka Magica characters, since there were none. :)






Unfortunately, you only can play up to 4 characters in the game, unless you find a mod that lets you play more characters -and I found nothing.

Enjoy! :)

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Hello, people.

This is an idea I've been having in my mind for weeks. I've been considering doing commissions. If you don't know what a commission is it's basically doing drawings in exchange for money.

I've started doing comics since September 2015 and I started to draw realistic when I began Pureza R (Purity R), that is another comic of mine. And then I was drawing several drawings for fun, some birthday pics, and a collab. However, since I started Metal Girls Galaxy I was drawing more and better girls than before, and I thought in giving my long-term goal a step forward.

I personally think that I'm ready for commissions. There's still stuff that I need to do organization, so I have the prices in mind, but my commission info will change with the time, and with change I mean with, for example: "I'm able to draw monsters", "I'm able to draw furries"... You know the drill. =P The prices will stay the same.

The thing is that given the demand of... let's say "things" I've seen in Internet, I'm even considering in doing a HentaiFoundry account. Exactly. That means that I'll have to learn to draw lewd scenes and characters. Because of the rules written in DA, I can't draw everything here, that's another reason to join HF. Still, don't worry, I'm planning to post these drawings in DA as well, only with censors and preview images so DA doesn't get mad. :3

With commissions I see this like a great opportunity to learn new stuff in drawing, draw even pervert things and be happy doing it. :D I've seen some good artists that start taking commissions a year after their first deviation in DA, and I thought in starting this new level. But instead of riding without questions asked, I thought in giving you the news before I do something stupid.

Thoughts, please?
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Hello everyone, I had an idea in mind since many months ago.

It's called, Metal Girls Galaxy. I don't want to reveal the plot until I'm ready, so for now I'll be playing around with the tools of my programs until I'm ready.

Oh, by the way, my other comic A Yurist Closet will be back.

Take care!
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A Yurist Closet will be on hiatus at the moment.

The reason? My other comic Pureza R (Purity R) is getting delayed and I can't allow myself more delays on this project of mine.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope you understand.
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People loves bitching pretty much about how Pokemon Go is becoming lately. Someone finds a dead body while playing Pokemon Go, another one finds a pokemon in a restricted area, Israel president plays Pokemon Go, robbers are assaulting Pokemon Go players in alleys using an item as bait...

Yet cartoonists, people who loves drawing, etc... draw Pikachu riding humans, children happy for Pokemons in violent rallies... Drawings implying that people who play at the game are digital slaves who don't know anything about politics, war, whatever.

The game is an online phenomenon, I tell you what, but bitching about this game is useless and stupid and how the world is going to shit for this game is stupid. I'm gonna explain.

It's normal that games become popular. World of Warcraft became a phenomenon. League of Legends became a phenomenon. Flappy Bird became a phenomenon. Farmville (I can't believe I'm mentioning this game) became a phenomenon.

The sole difference is that in Pokemon Go you need to go to streets to catch pokemon instead of playing at home. And this is not the only game that has this requirement. There's a game from the same creators, "Ingress", that you need to go to streets and capture portals for your faction and beat the rival faction with the help of your allies.

I used to play Ingress, but not for long since I don't have much mobile data limit. ( =P ) And I enjoyed playing the game, the gameplay has the same premise: you hold your phone in hand, using your GPS, and notice for portals.

You still had to take care for your surroundings, specially while crossing the road or suspicious alleys. Exactly like in Pokemon Go.

And why people complain about Pokemon Go and why online magazines post news about that game and not Ingress? Because Pokemon it's incredibly popular. Many people loves Pokemon, and introducing the idea of putting a virtual world with pokemons in your phone gained that interest from the fans specially.

And thanks for the unfortunate players who experienced these stories, online magazines took adventage from it and post news about it so people can post them in Facebook and the magazines gain profit with ads and stuff like that. Then, some people who read these news would start to complain about "Pokemon Go is ruining everything" in Facebook. Next, another weird story in Pokemon Go happens again and the cycle starts over again. And it's effective since Pokemon is very popular. It's called sensationalism.

It's just another very popular game with weird stories around players. Like what happened in World of Warcraft (e.g. marriages and sex, deleting boyfriend's characters...), Farmville (e.g. kid uses their parents' credit card to buy things for dozens of thousands of dollars)... And online magazines and news were still sharing these stories and people complained about these games, like what's happening with Pokemon Go right now. If a Farmville-related story is posted nowdays (or World of Warcraft or any of those games I mentioned), no one is gonna care about it, unless it's extremely extraordinary... probably.

"But I can complain about anything, you are complaining about Pokemon Go!" you might say. And yes, it's true that I'm complaining about people complaining about Pokemon Go. I'm not asking that people should stop doing it, I just wanted to say my opinion about something.

Hell, I am even sure that it's a great game.
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WARNING NOTE: If you can't handle my opinion, feel free to go back to your safe space and grow up.

In the last hours I've seen threads and videos about people bitching about Ghostbusters 2016. This is not a movie I'd like to see, I've seen the trailer, it sucks because of the quality of the movie (Adam Sandler-sque jokes, awful comedy, the fact that it's a reboot based on the sole title of the movie...). I'm not a fan of the Ghostbusters, I've never seen the movies -though I'd like to watch them someday.

My brother, who likes watching movies, told methat the movie has a Metacritic has a 60% of average score (normal, not by users) and Rotten Tomatoes has a 75%. While the movie in the '84 has a score of 67 (8.7/10 of users'), and in Rotten Tomatoes has a 97%. I decided to research more.

Then here it comes: critics get called "sexist" for saying it's a bad movie (… ), the newspapers/magazines say that the movie is good because girls rule and women are funny (… ), surreal reviews by SJWs and feminists ( ) and so on.

First of all, critics are there for something, they have to criticize comics, movies, books, and a long list in order to tell the audience what they want to know about the products. If a product is mediocre, people have to know; if a product has a good quality, people have to know as well. That's the basics of a critic. Honest critics that say the movie is bad for X, Y and Z should be awarded by a medal, because they are exposed to the anti-social social justice warriors who yell at them just because they didn't like their opinion.

A critic who doesn't like the movie but feels like HAS to say that the movie is good is a real problem, because they might think that SJWs will hug them with open arms and won't be harrassing them anymore. The job of a critic is evaluate movies, not satisfy people. Critics should be honest regardless of the outcome.

If you like the movie, great for you, I'm not going to brainwash you, because I respect your opinion and taste! But unfortunately, people who didn't like the movie are NOT you.

Second point: girls rule and women are funny. I should note that there are fantastic girls and women in the media already. Jessie from Toy Story 2, Alyx Vance from Half Life 2, Bayonetta from... Bayonetta, Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening, and a long list of awesome characters in movies, books and games.

When it comes to character's design, you need to take care of every detail, their story, their skills, their appearance, their personality... If you make a character, make them into a girl and nothing else, that girl is not going to "rule" and possibly isn't going to be funny for the story you're making.

You have to take care of that character, give her a story, abilities and skills, a personality... If you take care of her enough, she'll become a decent character, and if you put much more effort in her, she'll become an unforgettable character for many people. That's how character development is, and I'm even a beginner.

Third point: the surreal reviews... Well, I have not much to say, the pic I posted above says it all. I don't like watching movies that much, I like games more, but you shouldn't give a positive review of a movie because the haters are misogynist, or because men are boring... Again, respect doesn't come with gender or politics or sexuality or other bullshit to focus with instead of the quality. If you want to review something, look for its quality, not the identity politics.

That reminds me of a game, Nights of Azure, that has one perfect score 100/100 in Metacritic because the game is progressive and the main character is a lesbian, instead of focusing in the storyline and game mechanics.

This is not the way things should be reviewed, but sadly, critics would get harrassed because of snowflakes who dissagree with them. And this has to stop.
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Desde hace tiempo quería hacer más fanart como los que hice de Lucina, Deadpool, Michael De Santa (los podéis ver en mi galería).

Lo que pasa es que ya no tengo tanto tiempo para dibujar con tanto detalle como antes, así que esperen fanart con el estilo que estoy utilizando en A Yurist Closet.

A cuidarse.


For a long time I wanted to make more fanart like the ones I made with Lucina, Deadpool, Michael De Santa (you can see them in my gallery).

The thing is I don't have much time to draw with many details like before, so expect fanart with the style I'm using in my comic A Yurist Closet.

Take care.
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Blogger me está dando problemas con mis cómics de Pureza R y A Yurist Closet. Estoy barajando varias posibilidades de mudarlos a otro servicio válido y abierto -especialmente por AYC.

Las tiras de ambos proyectos seguiré subiéndolos en DeviantArt, (AYC seguirá estando actualizado en Tumblr además). Sólo que sus páginas de Blogspot no estarán actualizadas hasta que haya resuelto el problema.

Estoy investigando ComicFury a ver si soy capaz de poner mis tiras correctamente allí.


Blogger is giving me much trouble with my comics Purity R and A Yurist Closet. I'm searching for many possibilities to move them to another valid and open service -specially for AYC.

I'll keep uploading the pages of both proyects in DeviantArt (even in Tumblr with AYC). The pages in Blogspot won't be updated until I solved the issue.

I'm doing some research in ComicFury, see if I'm able to put my comics there correctly.
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Para que lo sepáis, he hecho un nuevo dibujo de prueba después de darme cuenta del fallo que cometí con Lucina con los puntos blancos.

Test5 by AsFoxger


So you know, I've done a new test drawing after realizing of the mistake I did with Lucina and the white dots.

Test5 by AsFoxger